Cold Weather & Decorative Concrete

Its that time of year again, Christmas is around the corner and the temperatures are dropping. The cold weather spells making things a little more interesting for us at sublime landscaping in Cork. Finishing decorative concrete projects, and some landscaping projects can take more time this part of the year.  We often get asked about decorative concrete when icy conditions set in. Is it slippy?. The answer to this is,  it will have the same characteristics as most other surfaces, tarmac, stone paving and others. Try and avoid de-icing salts if you have a decorative concrete installation.

This can cause failure of the sealer on top of the concrete, which will allow the freeze thaw cycle to possibly damage or spoil your concrete if you are not careful. We don’t get too much freezing of the ground, so we would advise a scattering of some fine sand will help aid in grip, for the few days rather than using de-icing salts. All bets are off when using de-icing salts. If you have been slack with your resealing these salts may cause damage to your installation. If unsure stick with sand and when the weather improves get a contractor to check to see if your project is fully sealed for the following year.